Service Evaluation … $50

If you are considering one-on-one training, have multiple issues, or you aren’t sure what your dog needs, here is where you need to start! After a fifteen minute meet and greet with your trainer to discuss problem areas, your dog will spend thirty minutes alone with the trainer for observation, evaluation, and basic training. Afterwards, the trainer will have a fifteen minute “Dog-Parent” conference with you about your dog’s behavior, strengths and weaknesses, areas needing improvement, and what services they suggest you use next. This is a great service for those who just aren’t sure how to get started!

In School Training (IST) Level I … $25

If your dog is having issues with training such as basic obedience, coming when called, leash walking, confidence building or jumping up for example, a Level I IST might be for you! Your dog will spend an hour with one of our many talented trainers working on the behaviors that you are having trouble with, or behaviors we see need more reinforcement. Your day care attendant may recommend this service if additional training is needed outside of the daily school room.

In School Training (IST) Level II … $35

Level II IST sessions must be preceded by a Behavioral Evaluation and include issues such as reactivity, aggression, and fear. Level II IST’s are only conducted by our highly skilled and qualified trainers/couselors.

In Shop Training … $69

In shop training is an alternate to in home training and is especially helpful to see how your dog behaves outside of its normal enviornment. Feel free to bring a notebook to help take home everything you will learn! Your important initial session must be scheduled in advance as a behavioral evaluation in order to utilize this service. During this hour long lesson, you and your dog will work with a trainer on specific behaviors. Behaviors that can be worked on during in shop lessons are basic obedience, general manners, fear, and some types of aggression. This is a great alternative to those finding it difficult to coordinate schedules for a group class.

Initial lesson… $69
Four-pack of lessons… $249

In Home Training … $189

Perfect for the busy pet owner or those having any problems that need more specific attention. Our trainers can teach, socialize, build confidence, and even treat fear and aggression right in the comfort of your own home. Your important initial session is $189 for two hours. This visit determines the severity of the problem and gives us an opportunity to discuss treatment options.

Initial lesson… $189
Individual Lessons… $99
Four-pack of lessons… $350
Six-pack of lessons… $550

Home Tutors … $50/lesson

Let us do your homework for you! Busy preparing dinner? Homework with the kids? Who’s at the door? It’s your dog trainer who is here to help ease the burden of a busy household. Or maybe you are recovering from surgery, possibly you are swamped at work? This action packed one hour lesson includes not only warm ups and cool downs, but exercise and learning sessions. Complete with lesson guides and report cards! Our biggest seller for our graduates!

Prerequisite: Graduate of any Basic level class and up or completion of any type of individual training sessions that include teaching the parent.

Due to the nature of behavioral counseling, we do not offer phone consultations. Providing advice over the phone is simply not possible and could be counterproductive.

Accelerated One-on-One Class … $149

This course is specially designed for our furry students that may desire an individual approach as opposed to a larger class setting. We offer a condensed version of Puppy Pre-School as well as Bark to the Basics. If you simply don’t have enough freedom in your busy life to commit to a 6-week course, or feel a one-on-one class would better suit your comfort, we welcome you to an alternative 3-week class structured exclusively for you, your dog, and an instructor!

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